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Gensets Installation
Genset Installation requires proper engineering to ensure optimum / satisfactory performance from the DG set.
Substation Installation
A collection of switchgear and/or a transformer/s on a single site (which may or may not be screened or enclosed) connected to the Distribution System.
Servo Controllers
Servo Controllers involves comparing the output voltage with built-in stable reference voltage source. The control circuit operates the motor whenever the output voltage falls or rises beyond the preset voltage.

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Welcome to Group Of Gauri Switchgear & Controls Pvt. Ltd. &
Gauri Switchgear And Engineers

Gauri Switchgear And Controls is among the major manufacturers of low voltage switchgear in the World, with the scale, sophistication and range to meet global benchmarks. Gauri Switchgear And Controls switchgear conforms to international design standards. The company's continuous investment in upgrading capabilities has led to a technology base at par with the finest in electrical industry worldwide. Testing facilities include a 85 kA short circuit test station. Each of Gauri Switchgear And Controls 's manufacturing facilities reflect the company's overriding concern for the environment.

As a leader in the switchgear industry, Gauri Switchgear And Controls views its role as a complete solution provider for power distribution and control in the low tension segment. Expert assistance in product selection and specification as well as effective post-sales service is offered through a wide network of service centres across the country.



Improved reliability 
 Easy serviceability
 High uptime of DG set
 Improved aesthetic of DG set
 Better working condition


Electrical Safety Standards
 “Fit for Work” Policy;
 Minimum Personal Protective 
Clothing and Footwear Standard; Job Risk Assessment Procedure


 Site considerations
Preliminary inspection upon 
receipt of transformer Handle and lift with care Making connections that work